When Bessie arrived at the National Animal Welfare Trust in 2014, staff never would have believed that this sweet-natured Staffordshire Bull Terrier would still be in their care three years later.

NAWT staff worked tirelessly to find Bessie the perfect home, and last week, they finally found it!

Staff worked hard to find Bessie a good home

After being found as a stray, Bessie was taken to the National Animal Welfare Trust in Watford, but staff decided to was in Bessie’s best interest to be moved to the Berkshire centre.

Unfortunately, Bessie struggled to fit into kennel life and could become so stressed at times that she would chew at her paws to help her cope. To help them heal, staff gave Bessie regular foot baths.

Stress caused Bessie to chew on her paws, so staff gave her regular foot baths to help her paws heal

A spokesperson from the National Animal Welfare Trust, said, “Being a Staffie, Bessie is extremely clever and learnt lots of new things at her time with NAWT through our Open Paw training. She really is an amazing dog.

“She had lots of visitors, and saw her friends come and go over the long years she was searching for a family.

“To give Bessie the send-off she deserved, staff packed her bags, gathered to say goodbye and waved her off to start her life in her loving home.”

Bessie has now gone to her new home after three long years

Good luck Bessie and your new family!

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