Looking for a career change? In these modern times you can apply to take on new and unique roles such as ’emoji translator’ or ‘professional video gamer’, but if you’re a whizz at social networking and adore pets, then there’s a brand new vacancy just for you. 

A London firm is seeking a social media coach for pets “to help make pets online stars”. The successful candidate is wanted to “help nurture the next generation of online pet celebrities and social media millionaires”.

Their responsibilities will include providing coaching, mentoring and training to interested pet-owners, including via webinars and blogs, and potential one-to-one sessions. It’s believed the role is the first of its kind in the world and although formal qualifications are not needed, desirable skills include: knowledge of social media and community growth and management, knowledge of pets and of online pet influencers and their world and knowledge of pet welfare and taking responsibility for the duty of care of animals.

According to the advert posted to Petlandia’s website and social media channels, “Some one in six pet-owners now has a social media profile for their pet. The most successful pets earn $£ millions a year. Many adoring pet-owners want advice on helping their pet do the same. A unique opportunity has therefore arisen to join our team as our first Social Petworking Coach – or, social media coach for pets and their owners.”

Social media stars

A recent study by Mars Petcare found that one in six pet-owners who are active on social media now has a dedicated social media profiles for their pet. Some 65% of such pet owners post about their pets at an average of twice a week. Half such pet owners say that their pets get more social attention then they do.

It’s estimated that an animal with an least two million social followers can expect to charge brands in the range of $10,000-$15,000 (£7,600-£11,500) for one paid-for social media post.

The core business of Petlandia allows users to “Make Your Real-Life Pet A Story Book Star”. By using an online tool, visitors can create a lookalike illustration of their pet, which can then star in a personalised adventure book.

“But we’re also aware that a growing number of our customers would now like to go further and learn how to make their pets into stars on social media”, says Rich Keen, COO of Petlandia.

Keen adds that pet owners want to make their pets into online influencers, if not social media stars, with fan-bases – and incomes – to match.

“And we want to help them do so”, says Keen. “we’re therefore creating a new role for someone to lay the foundations for what could become the world’s first online fame school for pets.

“If pets are now the rock stars of social media, this will be their first school of rock.”

 The pay for the role is described as “Competitive” and although Petlandia’s office is in London, the search for right applicant is global and the successful candidate may work remotely.

“We’re looking for a global expert to serve a global market”, says Rich Keen of Petlandia. “We want the best person for the role, regardless of where they live.”

Interested in the role? Applicants must face this online test of their pet celebrity know-how.

Top pet influencers

According to Forbes, the world’s top 10 pet influencers have a combined fan-base of 68 million people, across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube and each can earn millions each year through a mix of partnerships, sponsorships, branded merchandise, books, paid-for-posts and advertising appearances. 

  • Grumpy Cat: 12.5m social media follower
  • Doug the Pug: 9.6m
  • Jiffpom (a Pomeranian dog): 7.8m
  • Nala the Cat: 5.95m
  • Lil Bub (a cat): 4.78m
  • Manny the Frenchie (a French bulldog): 2.83m
  • Marnie the Dog: 2.69m
  • Venus the Two Face Cat: 2.69m
  • Tuna (a Chihuahua/Dachshund mix): 2.19m
  • Juniper Foxx: 2m


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