Wondering what to do with that fake Halloween moustache? Ordering a Santa beard for Christmas?

Once you’re finished using it, remember that fake face fur can go to a good cause – Guide Dogs! Research has found that exposure to facial hair as puppies can benefit dogs in later life.

Guide Dogs has launched its Face Fur Appeal in the hopes that the public will donate unwanted fake beards and moustaches to their new socialisation programme.

Credit: Guide Dogs

Last year Guide Dogs bred 1,375 pups, with each one spending their crucial first six weeks with dedicated volunteers while they start becoming familiar with the world. Puppies are introduced to lots of different experiences, scenarios and people, however, with 71 percent of Guide Dogs volunteers being female, many puppies start life unfamiliar with furry human faces.

Puppy expert, Helen Whiteside, from Guide Dogs comments, “We now have the scientific proof that introducing puppies to as many positive experiences as possible in their first weeks has a lasting impact on their confidence and anxiety levels later in life. With the increasing popularity of beards and moustaches in the UK our puppies could really benefit from becoming familiar with them as early as possible.”

Whilst the charity is on a drive to recruit more male volunteers, in the meantime they are asking the public to donate any leftover Santa beards to their appeal. Find out how you can donate yours at www.guidedogs.org.uk/facefurappeal.


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