We all want what’s best for our pets, and it seems that it’s particularly true for what we put in their food bowl.

In a survey by luxury pet food provider Devoted Pet Foods, dog owners in the UK were asked if price or quality was most important when buying dog food. Out of over 600 responses, almost 70 per cent said they prioritised quality, even though many cheaper, lower quality opportunities are available.

Tom Kibble, Founder of Devoted Pet Foods said, “There are so many ‘value’ foods out there that contain low meat content and a lot of grain. These foods simply don’t provide your dog with the right nutrients to keep their body’s functioning in a healthy way.

“Our mission here at Devoted Pet Foods is to educate dog owners about what’s in their dog’s food, and what it is they should actually be feeding them.”

January’s issue of Dogs Monthly (on sale on 7 December) comes with a fifteen page supplement on the three main food choices for your dog; dry, wet and raw. For advice on what to feed your dog, speak to your vet.


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