As the cold winters drawn in, non-profit organisation Sadie’s Stray Dog Rescue is on a mission to replace the old wooden kennels at its rescue shelter based in Bacau, Romania, with brand new insulated versions in order to keep the puppies as warm as possible. So far, the team has raised funds to replace 47 of the dog houses, with 21 left to go.

Sadie’s Stray Dog Rescue is a non-profit organisation made up of a small group of volunteers who work tirelessly to rescue abandoned, injured and poisoned dogs off the streets of Bacau. The next goal is to then try to get the dogs rehomed around the world – which they do with positive success (more than 600 dogs rescued, 200 rehomed and 2000 dogs and cats spayed and neutered).

However, for those dogs not lucky enough to find their forever home just yet, the cold winters in Romania are harsh. The weather drops to -25, and the shelter is covered under thick snow. After being rescued from the harsh dangers they face on the streets of Bacau, they next face a challenge of survival. This is why the team are appealing for donations to help them replace the old inadequate kennels.


Dogs like Captain have been nursed back to health thanks to the rescue

For a dog lover, this could be the perfect Christmas present. It costs £121.50 for a single kennel and £174 for a double entry, or a smaller donation can be contributed towards a kennel.

The kennels can also be donated in memory of a loved one, with a personalised plaque being added onto the front of the kennel.

Lesley Ford, a business woman from the UK who set up Sadie’s Stray Dog Rescue out of her own pocket after seeing the horrendous plight of the street dogs, commented, “We do all we can to keep the dogs as warm as possible and we fill the shelters with duvets and blankets, however the reality is that the conditions are brutal, and many of the younger puppies and older veteran dogs don’t make it through. This is why we are reaching out to dog lovers to see if they can help us.

“Of course, finding a forever home to call their own is at the top of all of our dog’s Christmas wish list, however, we know that not everyone is able to offer this gift of a lifetime. However, what would be amazing is if people may consider donating to our latest appeal to replace the old kennels that have been weathered over the years, with brand new ones.

“We just want these dogs to have the best chance at life, after all they’ve been through and the challenges and sadness they’ve already faced, making them as comfortable and cosy as possible is the least we can do as we help them on their way”, Lesley concludes.

If you would like to donate, please send your donation to PayPal and mark ‘kennel appeal’, or visit You can also join our group on Facebook or contact: / 07891747654

Main photo: Bambi and Thumper with Laura


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