I’ve had Bichon Frise dogs for over 30 years, and have always kept them in a show-like trim, even though I don’t take my current three to shows. But now I’m older, I’m finding it harder to keep on top of the coat care at home. Is there another style I can suggest to my groomer that is lower maintenance but still suits the breed?

Stuart Simons advises…

The Bichon Frise has hair that grows like a human’s. There is very little or no undercoat and the hair does not stop at a pre-determined length, but simply keeps growing. Because of this constant growth, the coat takes a great deal of care and attention to keep knot- and tangle-free. A full shave-down seems quite extreme – unless, of course, the coat is matted, in which case the groomer will probably have no choice.

I personally think a lovely alternative is a 3F (13mm) all-over shave, with a nice, tight Bichon head, and beautiful plume tail. A 3F blade leaves 13mm of hair on the main part of the body. Some people refer to this as a ‘puppy cut’ or ‘teddy bear cut’ (although if you say that to a groomer, they will probably roll their eyes and mutter something under their breath…). A puppy or teddy bear cut can mean many things to many people, and groomers can have a hard time deciphering exactly what owners want when it comes to these terms.

If you think 3F (13mm) is still too short, talk to your groomer about using extension combs.

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