The majority of caravan holiday parks welcome dogs (and their owners) and they can work out as one of the cheapest ways to spend a week on holiday in the UK.

You can separate the hundreds of holiday parks on offer into three categories, with a few exceptions.

Most families go for a big and busy holiday park. The majority are run by big names in the caravan park market, such as Haven or Park Resorts but there are also some popular ones which are independently run.

On these parks, you’ll find enough to occupy a few days, with most having indoor and outdoor swimming pools as well as several sports – ranging from a patch of grass for football through to minigolf, archery, and basketball. You’ll often pay a bit extra for the more unusual activities or those which require an instructor.

Bring the dog

Generally, you’ll be expected to pay about £30-£50 per week for bringing your dog, although keep an eye out for ‘pets go free’ deals which appear from time to time.

You’ll sometimes find that only some of the accommodation on offer is dog-friendly, so your choice is a bit limited unless you book early.

The second option is a quieter holiday park with basic facilities. These are often family-run and can offer a more personal approach than a big holiday park. Some will have a swimming pool or somewhere to eat, but really they are a low-cost and peaceful base for exploring the local area.

Look for one which has a dog walking area onsite or one that sits alongside a coastal path or a dog-friendly beach so that you aren’t spending the whole time getting in and out of the car.

The third option is a posher holiday park which is usually described as a ‘lodge’ or a ‘spa resort’. These often have log cabins or lodges rather than caravans and they are usually are a bit more expensive. Fewer of these are dog-friendly but there are still quite a few to choose from if you search around.

About the author

Robbie runs Holiday Park Guru which is a guide to the best caravan parks in holiday destinations including Cornwall and Wales.


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