Regardless of the time of year, there will still be vulnerable people in need of support. Last month homeless owners and dogs were offered temporary shelter over Christmastime thanks to homeless charity, Crisis, and animal welfare charity, Mayhew.

The two charities have been working together for over 17 years as part of Crisis at Christmas with Mayhew offering a special service to dogs during this time. Owners could bring their dogs to the specially built, temporary kennels, where they would receive their own pen and plenty of comfortable bedding, quilts and blankets and be cared for by Mayhew and crisis volunteers.

Sonic with Animal Welfare Officer Tania and Mayhew Vet Emma. Credit: Graham Hilling)

Last month, Mayhew’s vet, Dr Emma Robinson, and animal welfare officers, AJ Ford and Tania Mazzoni, attended Crisis at Crisis to offer the dogs a thorough health examination, including flea and worming treatments. Dogs also received food; treats; waterproof jackets, coats and leads; and light up safety collars to make them visible at night.

Rizla in her new coat – Crisis at Christmas. Credit: Graham Hilling

Mayhew’s Vet, Dr Emma Robinson, added, “This is a great opportunity for the owners to make sure their dog undergoes a health check. We are able to identify and monitor ongoing health issues and we can also give the dogs the preventative veterinary care that they need.

“It’s been an amazing experience for me and I hope I can do it all again next year.”

A familiar face was nine-year-old Survivor, who was born at Crisis at Christmas, and the team also met 15-week-old puppy Leo, who received his first vaccinations.

Survivor who was born at Crisis at Christmas nine years ago. Credit: Graham Hilling

Mayhew’s Animal Welfare Officer, AJ Ford, said, “We work with the homeless and their dogs all year round and we are honoured to help and support Crisis at Christmas again this year.

“We can detect early on any health issues that the dogs may have so that we can refer them to our on-site Vet Clinic. We also offer free neutering and flea and worming treatments. We strive to help and support vulnerable people in need with their pets and ultimately keep the owner and animal together.”

15-week-old Leo received his first vaccinations at Crisis at Christmas. Credit: Graham Hilling

As well as Crisis at Christmas, Mayhew also run a Pet Refuge programme, which provides support for pet owners facing personal crisis and with no option of help to care for their pet.

Main photo: Survivor with a Crisis volunteer. Credit: Graham Hilling


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