Once upon a time, it was incredibly difficult to be able to take your dog on holiday with you. Now, with dog-friendly holiday cottages, hotels and more springing up across the country, it’s easier than ever to bring your four-legged companion.

Bringing your dog along for the ride is great news not only for you but also for them, as it means everyone will be able to join in on the fun. If you’re not yet convinced, read on to find out why holidaying with your dog is always a great idea!

A new place to explore

Treat your dog to something different from the usual sights and smells of home by taking them to a whole new place. There’s just as much to discover in a new place for your dog as there is for you and they’re sure to love sniffing out everything that your holiday destination has to offer.

No worrying about leaving your pet behind

It can be a heart-breaking moment when you see those sad dog eyes as you leave them at the kennels or dog-sitters for a week, but fortunately, with a dog-friendly holiday, there’s no need to feel guilty for leaving your pet behind. It’s also great for peace of mind – you won’t need to worry about how your dog is getting on without you when they’re by your side.

It’s money-saving

With dog-friendly holidays now becoming so widespread, there’s no need to pay a high premium for bringing your four-legged friend along – many places charge just a small fee or allow dogs free of charge. This could save you money, compared to the amount you might pay for kennels or a dog-sitter.

Your dog will enjoy lots of walkies

One of the best ways to explore any holiday destination is on foot, and your dog is sure to enjoy the long walks as much as you will. Whether you’re exploring the rolling countryside, a vibrant city or a sandy beach, there are plenty of great walks to be had with your dog across the UK.

It can be great for homesick children

If you’re going on holiday and you have young children, it can be difficult for them and sometimes they may feel a little homesick or anxious. Bringing your pet along can be a great way to remind them of the comforts of home, and a cuddle with the family dog it bound to cheer your child up.

You can make even more memories

Holidays fuel some of our fondest memories, and those memories can be even more special if your dog is a part of them too! Whether they’re digging holes on the beach or running after a tennis ball, taking your dog on holiday is sure to create memories you’ll cherish for years to come.

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Image: Canine Cottages


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