dog-3072016_1920 Top 5 Ways to Keep Your Pet's Memory Alive Even After It Passes Away

Losing a pet that you’ve had for so long or even got to have a close relationship with can be very heartbreaking. In honor of your pet, be it a cat, a rat, a dog or a parrot you may consider memorialising them which will help with your grieving process. Here are some of the unique ways in which you can creatively memorialise your deceased pet.

1. Beautiful jewellery

Diamonds from pet cremated ashes are a good way of keeping your pet’s memory. There is a method where your pet’s hair or ashes are turned into a diamond. This is made possible by extracting carbon from the hair or the ashes, which is then used to make the diamonds. They come in different shapes and colour. It is made according to the owners’ preference.
Also, you can make paw print ornaments which you can put on the gold or silver necklace, bracelet etc.

2. Urns

This is a good way to keep your pet if you have them cremated. They come in different sizes which depends on the pet and you can also find them with different materials. It can be customized to your preference and you can also choose from the available varieties that is ceramic, wood among others.

3. Videos/ photos

When you view photos of your pet you are slowly aiding the grieving process. You can decide to frame your favorite pet’s photo and put it up on your home wall or anywhere that you would prefer or seem fit. Also a photo album may come in handy where you get to print the photos and also create a photo album.
You can decide to combine all your pet videos/ photos and edit by adding music or even a little text. If unable to do it yourself, you can pay professional editors to do a perfect job for you.

4. Photo collage

This is another good way of having most of your memories with your pet. It’s a technique that enables you to create a picture by combining many pictures together. Collect all the photos or most of the photos depending on how big you want the picture to be and combine to form a photo collage. You can include pictures of you and your pet, your pet alone or your pet together with your family and just be creative with all of them.

5. Memorial painting / portraits

A unique work of art may be an awesome beautiful way in which you can display your pet. You can decide to create a painting of your dog on plates and mugs which can remind you of your pet dog. This can be done at a pottery place where you will be able to paint your own designs for your pet. On top of that, a graphite sketch may also be a beautiful way to display your pet, make it big enough to hang on a wall with a small message or his name written at the bottom. It may be expensive but it will definitely be worth it.


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