Last year a friend asked if we could help a small charity in Bosnia who helped feed the street dogs. A couple of friends decided to go over there and see what could be done.

A friend donated funds to buy land to build a shelter so some dogs could be taken off the streets and the couple who were over there found suitable land to make a start on building the shelter. It upset them to see little pups born on the street and were particularly moved by one little pup born with a deformed leg and she could not move far; she spent her life huddled in a doorway.

Dotty was found straying in Bosnia

I put her on our Facebook page and a lovely family in Skipton wanted to adopt her. I said we would raise funds to bring her over and also sort her leg once she had settled over here. Other friends raised funds to bring three more pups over to live with them too.

As the shelter was up and running with other people supporting it I thought we could move on to help other small charities all over the world. We continue to raise funds to help all the small charities our friends asked us to help – as soon as we raise £25 it goes to the next charity on our list – not a lot some might think, but it helps buy food for the animals.

Knitting group

I also started to feel concerned about how the shelters were coping in the cold harsh winter as they are very basic overseas so had the idea to form a knitting club – within minutes I had people offering to knit coats and blankets and others donating wool. At the moment we are knitting for shelters in Romania, Bosnia, and Turkey; we hope to add others if we get more people involved. The lady who adopted Dotty has set up a group in her hometown of Skipton.

Dotty’s surgery

Dotty is a lovely pup but her leg will have to be amputated as it prevents her from running around with the other dogs. Her mum adopted another pup so Dotty would have a friend to play within the house – she can manage inside but cannot walk far outside. We have a fundraising account for her leg.

Last year Jak’s Legacy raised nearly £12,000 for small shelters, this year we would like to help more. If anyone would like to help pay Dotty’s vet fees her PayPal is – thank you.


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