What do you think about clothing for dogs? My nephew has a Chihuahua, which he dresses up in jumpers and coats as if she’s a doll. His children think she looks cute, but I am not too happy about it. 

Alison Logan advises…

I will tread a diplomatic path here, and voice only my major concern for overheating. A dog wearing ‘clothes’ does not realistically have the option to take off a coat or jumper when feeling too hot, and can quickly overheat without an owner being aware – certainly in the early stages.

A coat on a cold day may have its place, but only when outside. It is so important to remember to undress your dog once he’s back indoors or in a heated car, out of any inclement weather. When owners bring in their dogs to my consulting room wearing clothing, I ask them to remove it, not only to facilitate examination but also because it is warm enough inside the practice for a dog not to need additional layers.

There is a place for an extra layer if you have a little dog, a thin-skinned breed, or an elderly dog, when outside in cold weather, but generally, our dogs have an adequate coat of fur.


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