Up to twenty rare Clumber Spaniels and their owners from across the East Anglia are expected to take part in a walk in Brandon Country Park, Bury Road, Brandon, Suffolk, on Sunday 18th March.

Barbara Weston one of the Walk Coordinators said, “This walk is one of a series will organise across the country and is our first walk at Brandon Park and offers the opportunity for Clumber owners from across the region to meet and celebrate this unique breed. Clumbers are classed as a vulnerable breed as fewer than 200 are born each year. and as a result, many owners and their pets did not have an opportunity to meet with other Clumbers until these walks were organised. All Clumber owners in the area are invited to join the walk”

Clumbers are the largest of the spaniels and have a gentle, loyal and affectionate temperament making an ideal “family friendly” pet. They are much more laid back and require less exercise than other gundog breeds”. Members of the public are invited to come and meet the Clumbers at the start of the walk and join the walkers at the cafe after the walk.

The Clumber spaniel is a native British dog with a long history. The breed is named after Clumber Park in Nottinghamshire where it was developed by the Duke of Newcastle and his gamekeeper, Mansell, in the 1700s and subsequently bred for over 75 years by the Foljambe family at Osberton. Clumbers have been kept and bred by members of British Royalty, including Prince Albert, King Edward VII , King George V and Princess Ann.
The Clumber spaniel is listed by the Kennel Club as a vulnerable breed of dog those whose numbers are declining and whose status within the world of dogs has diminished over a number of years.

Further information is available on the Walking with Clumbers UK Facebook or from B .or R Weston: Phone: 01530 456071, Email walkingwithclumbers@gmail.com for registration details.


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