Cupid, Valentine and Cariad are looking for love

A litter of orphaned puppies who were hand-reared at Dogs Trust Bridgend are now looking for love this Valentine’s Day.

The Yorkshire Terrier pups were brought to the centre after their mother died during labour and their owners could no longer care for them. As they were only three weeks old, the puppies had to be hand-reared at the home of Becky Baker, the rehoming centre’s assistant manager.

Becky says, “The puppies were so tiny and came to me at a crucial point in their development so needed a huge amount of TLC and attention to ensure that they grew into healthy and well-socialised pups who could eventually go off to their forever homes.

“I’ve seen them grow into playful, confident and funny pups that I could watch all day so it’s hard not to get attached to this adorable bunch that I’ve worked so closely with, and it’s bittersweet seeing them off to their new homes; but I know I’ll be over the moon when they find their love match for life and have a fresh start with a happy ending.”

Cupid, Cariad and Valentine are now six weeks old and as the 14th February approaches, they too will be looking for love. They need a family that is around most of the time to help them settle in and they could also benefit from attending puppy classes.

Becky adds, “These pups haven’t had a great start to life but they are now ready to be whisked off to a new home by a loving new owner.

“These fun-loving little pups are full of energy so we are looking for owners who appreciate the demands of young puppies and are at home most of the day to help them settle in.

“They need homes with secure gardens to play around in and loving new families prepared to dedicate time to their training and socialisation. They are super little dogs who would make the perfect pets in the right homes and we don’t think it’ll be too long before they find their love match.”

If they’ve captured your heart, contact the centre directly on 0300 303 0292


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