Happy Chinese New Year!

Today marks the beginning of the Year of the Dog and to help celebrate, raw pet food manufacturer, Natures Menu, is giving its top tips on how to commemorate the year. 

  1. Skip the fireworks – Loud bangs and noises can scare our pet pals, so make sure your dog is microchipped in case any celebrations should spook your pet when you’re out and about. 
  2. Get fit – If your goal is to get fit in 2018, then your perfect fitness coach and motivator is sat right at home with you, exercise with your dog and not only will you improve your own fitness but your pooch’s too!
  3. Live in the moment – What better example do we have of living in the moment than from our canine companions? Put down the electronic devices, switch off the TV and spend some quality time with your loved ones and your furry-friend too.
  4. Get more sleep – With stats suggesting adult dogs sleep about 12-14 hours a day, (although probably not feasible for humans!), there is a lot to be said from a good night’s rest. So, head to bed at a reasonable hour and you might just be bouncing with energy like your dog!
  5. Eat cleaner – The beginning of the year is not only a great time to look at our own diets, but that of our pets too. Natures Menu offers a range of naturally nutritious raw food for your dog’s diet which they are sure to love!

Natures Menu, Veterinary Nurse, Melanie Sainsbury, said, “The Year of the Dog is a great time to celebrate how much our dogs mean to us. We can learn a lot from them, from their boundless energy, never ending loyalty and their positive attitudes. As well as getting fit in 2018, eating a cleaner healthier diet and getting regular check-ups, we think everyone’s Chinese New Year’s resolutions should be to be more like our canine companions!”

Competition time

Dogs Monthly and Newby Teas have teamed up for Twitter giveaway to celebrate the Year of the Dog. We’re giving away two limited edition tea caddys. Follow us at @DogMonthly and check out our pinned post to find out how to win.


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