With 310,000 followers and climbing, these explorers are arguably becoming one of the most popular cat/dog duos on the internet.

The pair enjoys hiking adventures around their home state of Colorado and further afield, and their owners have captured their heartwarming friendship, along with breathtaking views, on their very own Instagram channel.

Credit: @henrythecoloradodog/Cynthia Bennett

Owner Cynthia Bennett began documenting Henry’s travels after adopting him three years ago from Rocky Mountain Puppy Rescue. Henry was three and a half months old at the time.

Credit: @henrythecoloradodog/Cynthia Bennett.

Says Cynthia, “When I went into the pen with him, he immediately crawled in my lap and went belly up, it was then I knew he had to come home with us!”

Credit: @henrythecoloradodog/Cynthia Bennett.

Henry quickly picked up a following of dog lovers on social media but last year he was joined by rescue kitten Baloo and together they’ve taken the internet by storm.

Cynthia with her dog Henry and cat Baloo.Credit: @henrythecoloradodog/Cynthia Bennett.

“We decided that it was time to get Henry a friend since we could tell that he really wanted one. We weren’t quite ready to bring another dog into the house so we made the decision to get a kitten. Although we didn’t want your typical cat, we wanted a cat that would want to come on all of our adventures with us and be a real buddy for Henry. We adopted Baloo five months ago from a rescue in Evergreen, CO. I searched for several months trying to find the right personality for an adventure cat and I sure found that in Baloo!

“They bonded to each other right away, it only took 1.5 days for both to feel really comfortable around one another. Baloo really attached himself to Henry. He snuggled him, tried to nurse him, and followed him around everywhere. We think that Baloo thinks Henry is his mom. Baloo rides on Henry quite a bit, but only when Henry is tired, usually at the end of the hike.

Credit: @henrythecoloradodog/Cynthia Bennett.

“On our very first hike together when Baloo was only three months old, I put him on Henry and he just bear hugged Henry! I couldn’t believe how much they trusted each other since they had only known each other for a week.”

In Colorado they’ve found plenty of great places for day hikes but have also visited New Mexico, Wyoming, Utah, AZ, and Texas, with more trips planned this year.

Credit: @henrythecoloradodog/Cynthia Bennett.

“Eventually, we plan on being on the road full time. Camping is one of our favorite activities, especially backpacking. Baloo hasn’t been backpacking yet, just camping, but we can’t wait to take him on a backpacking adventure soon.”

Credit: @henrythecoloradodog/Cynthia Bennett.

Henry’s essential hiking kit:

  • Henry usually carries his own pack which holds water, his bowl, treats, poop bags and an animal first aid kit,
  • Sweaters – depending on weather
  • A towel for Baloo
  • Mushers Secret – special wax to protect dog paws against harsh winter conditions (Henry has a habit of losing his booties)

We can’t wait to see more! Follow them at @henrythecoloradodog.


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