For over ten years Oscar has been a loyal family member and now he stars as the main character in Adventures of Oscar the Beagle – a children’s book series.

Adventures of Oscar the Beagle picture books are an intimate story of friendship between Oscar and a boy Noel. When they get lost in the woods, or on a quest for lost toys, they rely on each other and their other animal friends. And there is always the wise Mother character in the mix.

Trailer for Broken Chair

Oscar is a classic beagle: loud, loves to eat more than anything and wander around and is not so fond of listening to orders. But, that’s where all the fun and stories come from.

Every day is like a screenplay for lots of fun, and sometimes not so fun, adventures, but underneath all of mischievous, there is a lot of love and affection for each other. If you like Beagle, or dogs, in general, you will probably like Adventures of Oscar the Beagle picture books.

Trailer for Little Yellow Ball

Both books are available on Amazon.

Photos credits: Dinko Kadi


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