Pet tech company Felcana has announced the launch of their first Digital Pet Health Centre product at Crufts this year.

Their ‘Health Monitoring Kit’ is believed to be the world’s first clinically relevant, digital monitoring system for pet health and wellness, and its launch marks the first step in the development of the Felcana platform as a fully integrated digital pet health centre.

Designed for dogs and cats, the kits help pet owners understand what is normal for their pet, monitors pet activity and behaviour, and reinforces the pet-owner bond. The activity monitor is worn as a collar called a ‘Helix’, which is waterproof and robust, and includes a built-in app-controlled light so owners can see their pets in the dark.

Information is sent via bluetooth to the free Felcana app, allowing owners to stay live and updated with their pet’s health.

Key features include:

    • Collecting and analysing information about your pet’s health status 24/7
    • Providing instant veterinary advice with Felcana’s telemedicine service
    • Alerting pet owners of any behavioural and/or physiological abnormalities
    • Detecting and predicting early stages of diseases with Felcana’s AI system, including diabetes and arthritis
    • Supporting veterinarians to make earlier, more accurate diagnoses by providing a stream of continuous and pet-specific data

The kit is the first product in the pipeline and will integrate with others under development to form an all-in-one platform.  


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