When a disowned puppy needed complex surgery to fix a severely broken leg Davies Veterinary Specialists immediately stepped in to help out free of charge.

When Mickey, a six-month-old Lurcher, arrived at Scott Veterinary clinic in Bedford, he was suffering from a mid-diaphyseal transverse fracture of the tibia and fibula in his hind leg. Sadly his owner was unable to pay for the treatment so opted to disown the dog at the practice. Without prompt surgery, Mickey faced amputation of the limb or euthanasia.

Scott Clinic’s Vicki Fabon made an urgent call to Davies, a private small animal veterinary referral practice based on the Hertfordshire/Bedfordshire border, asking for help. Luckily the puppy was immediately admitted on a pro bono basis.

The fracture repair was performed through a medial approach to the tibia and with the aid of a femoral and sciatic nerve block. The fracture was reduced and stabilised with a Synthes 3.5mm locking plate placed in compression. Mickey recovered very well from surgery and was walking on the operated limb within 24 hours.

X-Ray of Mickey’s leg with the plate in place

“It was really rewarding to be able to help such a lovely dog and see him recovery so quickly,” said Davies’ Orthopaedic Surgeon Rob Adams. “Had he not already had a home I would have rehomed him myself.”

Not only did Mickey make a complete recovery but he also captured the heart of Veterinary Nurse Hayley Mills who has offered him a forever home. One year on, it’s almost impossible to tell that the lurcher had a severely broken leg.

“He’s my world,” says Hayley. “I wasn’t in the market to adopt a dog. I had recently lost a cat that I was very attached to but then Mickey came along and it all just seemed to fit. The rest is history!”

Mickey and Hayley Mills

Scott Clinic were also touched by Davies’ kindness. Clinical Director Vicki Farbon said, “We would just like to say a huge thank you for your help with Mickey. Thanks to you guys he still has four legs! It was such a kind gesture to help that has gone above and beyond what most Specialists would ever offer.”


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