As Wes Anderson’s Isle of Dogs gets set to hit UK screens tomorrow, there are some hopeful hounds also searching for their happy ending at Battersea’s Dogs & Cats Home branches.

The stars of the film bear a strong resemblance to some of the charity’s dogs. Could you offer them a home?

Battersea’s very own Duke – Nanuq, two-year-old Alaskan Malamute

Nanuq. Credit: Battersea
Duke in Isle of Dogs. Copyright Fox Searchlight Pictures

This bouncy young lady has been causing quite a stir at Battersea’s Brands Hatch centre. With her boundless enthusiasm and mischievous nature, she shares more than just looks with her onscreen counterpart, Duke. Nanuq loves having a big fuss made of her.

Battersea’s very own Rex – Scrappy, two-year-old German Shepherd

Scrappy. Credit: Battersea
Rex from Isle of Dogs – in cinemas tomorrow. Copyright Fox Searchlight Pictures

Just like Rex, his onscreen lookalike, Scrappy sometimes finds that things are a little too much for him. His sensitivity doesn’t stop him from having fun though: he’s incredibly excited to meet new people and eager to show off and play. He’s now looking for owners that can help him with his training, and staff believe that his cleverness and enthusiasm will ensure you fall in love with him straight away.

Battersea’s very own Boss – Peggy, six-year-old Jack Russell Terrier

Peggy. Credit: Battersea
Boss in Isle of Dogs. Copyright Fox Searchlight Pictures

Peggy is a lively and adventurous girl at Battersea’s Old Windsor centre who really enjoys training and proving what she can do. She has done agility training in the past, making her quite the athlete – an appropriate match for Boss, her Isle of Dogs lookalike, who is a big fan of baseball. Peggy also has a softer side, and her sweet nature means that she will make the perfect companion for someone who is willing to give her lots of stimulation to keep her busy.

Battersea’s very own King – Herman, 11-year-old Mongrel

Herman. Credit: Battersea

Despite his older years, Herman is a bright and bubbly lad who enjoys the company of people he knows. Once you become part of his pack you’ll have made a loyal friend for life – and he’s looking for a new home that will give him the chance to prove it. Although he doesn’t share the same love of other dogs as his onscreen counterpart, King, they do happen to both be owners of a rather fine moustache.


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