Fleas are parasites that drink the blood of pets. These insects are small and they cannot fly but they have strong hind legs and can jump from a dog to dog or from carpet to dog etc. They also lay eggs on the dog. Fleas are known to carry and transmit a host of diseases and are considered to be dangerous. When a dog is infested with fleas the dog tends to scratch a lot. Constant scratching leads to other conditions and illnesses. There are many ways to get rid of dog fleas and a few of them are listed below.

Flea comb

It might seem to be one of the simplest solutions, but you should know that the simplest solutions are always the most fruitful. Buy a good flea comb and regularly comb your pet. The flea comb will rake out all the fleas and eggs from the dog. Even if there are some larvae the flea comb will remove them. Care should be taken to comb the dog completely and rid it of all the fleas. Regular combing will help the dog immensely.

Oral medicines

If the dog is scratching a lot, then you should consult your vet. The vet will mostly prescribe oral medicines. These are quite successful in ridding the dog of fleas with a few hours. After the dog is given the medicines orally, the medicines start working and when the flea bites the dog, it dies.

Flea and tick collars

Most of the pet owners nowadays have started using flea and tick dog collars. These collars come with a medicine which repels the fleas and ticks and kills them. But care should be taken while buying these collars. In fact, you should consult your vet and then buy them.


We shampoo our pets once a week and we feel that the ticks and fleas have been washed away. Fleas do not get washed away that easily, you need shampoos that have been made specifically for fleas. These shampoos will stun or kill the fleas and the pet will be rid of fleas.


Vacuum the floors of your house at least twice a week. If you have used flea shampoos or flea combs the fleas can return. The eggs and larvae could be on your carpet, couch etc. Frequent vacuuming will ensure the eggs and larvae are removed. This means your pet can be happy and stay without scratching.


Wash all of your pets bedding and any other fabric that is used specifically by your dog in hot water and detergent. Hot water and detergents will wash away the eggs and larvae and even the fleas and your dog can sleep in peace in clean bedding.

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