A two-year-old Yorkshire Terrier cross was just one of the dogs to be reunited with his human after the successful efforts of two talented Beagles, Tiga, 8, and Yogi, 4.

Coco had been missing 52 days in July last year before he was traced by Tiga and Yogi. He had managed to escape from his owner’s back garden whilst a dog sitter was looking after him. After five weeks past with no luck, owner Zoe discovered K9Tracker and enlisted the help of founder Jenny Brown and her two Beagles.

Explains Zoe, “Coco had been missing for over five weeks and I thought that I would never see him again. I was devastated and was telling my story to dogs in need charity, Paw, who recommended K9Tracker. I was willing to try anything so contacted Jenny straight away who was more than happy along with her talented pooches, Tiga and Yogi, to join the search.”

Tiga and Yogi’s exceptional sense of smell has helped to trace and reunite over 150 missing dogs with their owners. The pair, who are sponsored by pet food manufacturer Natures Menu, have been trained by Jenny, a former athlete who can track up to 22 miles a day with each of her dogs.

The search for Coco wasn’t easy, however, as everytime the dog changed his path the search would have to start over.

Adds Zoe, “Whenever Tiga and Yogi came close to locating Coco, he would bolt off and unfortunately, we would have to try and locate him all over again. It was really upsetting being in such close proximity to Coco and then him running off again.”

Coco went missing from her owner’s garden

After a series of close encounters, Zoe got a call to say Coco had been spotted in an allotment in Dover, eight miles away from home.

Jenny instructed Zoe to walk slowly to the corner where Coco was hiding, sit down facing away from him and let her other dog Princess off her lead. Within minutes Coco was back safely in Zoe’s arms.

Explains Zoe, “When I finally had Coco back in my arms, I was overwhelmed and burst into tears. I honestly didn’t think that I would see him ever again and feel so lucky to have been reunited with my beloved dog.

“During the five weeks we were looking for him it seemed like an absolute lifetime, so I was relieved when the charity recommended K9Tracker as we desperately needed some help finding Coco. Jenny and her dogs were so helpful and professional, straight away it felt like we were making real progress with tracking down Coco. The two dog’s skills were amazing, they managed to pick up Coco’s scent numerous times and could cover miles of ground every day.

“When we finally tracked him down to the allotment in Dover I was so relieved – it finally felt like the end was in sight! Coco wasn’t coming out from his corner, so Jenny suggested the best way to get him to come back to you is to act like nothing’s wrong. I sat there waiting with our Chihuahua ‘Princess’, and just minutes later Coco appeared on my lap!

“I can’t thank Jenny and her K9 tracking services enough, it’s absolutely incredible that they could track Coco down after all that time. Being reunited with my little Coco has the best feeling ever, I won’t let him out of my sight again!”

Jenny receives requests to help find missing pets from all over the UK. As well as Coco they have also helped to find a Jack Russell two days after he jumped onto the M4 motorway and a terrier who had been lost for eight days in freezing temperatures.


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