If you went down to the woods on 8th May you would not have met Teddy Bears but nineteen Clumber spaniels, their best doggie friends and their owners. Clumbers from across the region had come together to enjoy a spring walk in the Sherwood Forest and a chance to take home some Sherwood mud.

This was one of a series of walks, for Clumbers and their owners, being held across the country this year to provide a chance for pet owners to get together socially and enjoy the dogs running with other Clumbers. The next two walks in Grasmere on 20 May and Shipley Park in Derbyshire on 10 June. All Clumber owners are welcome to register to join these walks.

Further information is available on the Walking with Clumbers UK Facebook or from B or R Weston: Phone: 01530 456071, Email walkingwithclumbers@gmail.com

Photo credit R Weston except for the Clumber spaniel group R Birchenough


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