I really want a puppy, but my husband doesn’t think it’s the right time, as we both work long hours. Is he right, or would it be OK if we used doggie day care?

Sue Williams advises…

When you get a puppy, you are entering into a 10-year-plus commitment. It is therefore imperative that the decision is made and agreed by all family members. So, if your husband is not in full support, I would advise against getting one.

Many dog owners use doggie day care and/or dog walkers, and although these are a great resource, there is no substitute for the quality of an owner-dog relationship. These services should only add to a dog’s quality of life.

My advice is to wait until one or both of you have more free time. You could still benefit from the service offered by doggie day care or a dog walker to add to your dog’s daily enrichment, but you need to have an established relationship with your dog, too.


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