It’s official, a heatwave has hit Britain with temperatures soaring into the 20s rivalling Bondi Beach and Malibu!

While this is a great time to get your dog outside and enjoy the sunny weather with a long walk, it’s also important to take precautions to make sure your pets are comfortable in the heat. Especially as it’ll come as a surprise to them too!

Follow FURminator’s top tips to keep your four-legged friend happy and healthy in the sunshine this week.

  • Ensure they have plenty of water – Provide plenty of fresh, cool water so your dog can stay hydrated in the heat. Filling a paddling pool with water is also a great way to help pets stay cool if they prefer to be left outside during the day, allowing them to wade or take a dip if they get too hot.
  • Keep them well groomed – Use the nice weather as a chance to instil a regular grooming routine with your dog as by removing loose fur you’ll help your dog to stay cool in the hot weather. FURminator’s FURflex tool helps to reduce shedding by up to 90% by reaching deep into the undercoat to remove loose fur and dirt while working to release natural oils to support the skin. Also, just like us our dogs will sweat with the warmer weather, which can cause them to get a little whiffy, especially if they are a shorter haired breed. The FURminator shampoos and conditioners offer a unique blend of the finest ingredients and are free from parabens and artificial colours, giving dogs a more natural clean and leaving them smelling great.
  • Protect those little noses – A pink nose may look sweet, but sunburn can be very sore for dogs. Stocking up on pet-friendly sun cream is not just great for the heatwave but will mean you have it on hand once summer hits.
  • Keep on top of pesky pests – As well as keeping their skin and coat healthy, grooming your dog also helps you get up close and personal with their fur, allowing you to spot any lumps, bumps or pests that may be using your pet as their home. Ticks and fleas thrive in the warmer weather, so it’s especially important to keep your eye out in spring and summer.

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