Greyhounds across the world are getting ready to share their love and invite everyone to join them for the annual Great Global Greyhound Walk (GGGW) on Sunday 10 June.

The event has come a long way since it began 12 years ago in Essex with just six Greyhounds taking part.

This will be the fifth year the event has taken place and last year the walk surpassed expectations with nearly 100 walks organised across the UK and 79 walks held globally. Countries taking part included Dublin, Ireland and Auckland, New Zealand and the total number of hounds registered reached 5702.

Credit: Jennie Brown & Maurice Nott

This year organisers are hoping for an even bigger response and with just one month to go there are currently over 120 walks registered.

There’s still time to register your own walk or a group walk. Information on group walks can be found on the website.

Credit: Ann Stanford

This year’s theme is Love is All Around and everyone is invited to dress up and share their passion for Greyhounds. Often referred to as 40mph couch potatoes, Greyhounds have very gentle natures and are a very versatile breed. Whether you love the breed or want to learn more, these events can be a good way to meet Greyhound owners.


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