Employees at the workspace, Huckletree West, near Shepherd’s Bush in London, welcomed therapy dogs to their offices to help spread happiness and wellbeing. The event coincided with Mental Health Awareness Week (14th to 20th May) which this year is focusing on stress.

TheraPaws dog BenJecky receiving cuddles. Credit: Mayhew

The dogs are part of London-based charity Mayhew’s TheraPaws programme, which recognises the mutual benefits of animals engaging with people, particularly older people with dementia. Dogs can help reduce social isolation, stress, and anxiety, but the initiative also aims to promote compassion and respect for animals.

TheraPaws dog Tyi enjoying the attention and cuddles. Credit: Mayhew

Volunteers’ Sheena with her dog Tyi, Ilonka with her dog BenJecky and Bill with his dog Tess spent the afternoon meeting and engaging with employees.

Huckletree West Event Manager, Kieran O’Shea, said, “Mayhew’s TheraPaws programme is a great initiative and we were delighted the volunteers and their dogs were able to visit Huckletree West during Mental Health Awareness Week.

“It was great to see the dogs spreading so much joy and happiness to different companies and their teams.”

TheraPaws dog Tess with employee from Huckletree West. Credit: Mayhew

Currently, the programme has just over 50 teams of TheraPaws volunteers and their dogs who go on regular visits to care homes, day centres, hospices and hospitals across London.

Mayhew’s TheraPaws Project Coordinator, Niamh Carwood, said, “I’m delighted that our TheraPaws volunteers and their dogs received such warm welcomes from everyone at Huckletree West.

“It was a terrific day. It’s clear to see that they bring a lot of joy and wellbeing to people.”


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