Polish rescue Galgan urgently needs a home after spending much of his life either straying or in kennels. Here is his appeal.

Hey you, my special human, Galgan here. Please allow me to tell you my story from my own point of view. You see, when I was a baby I somehow became separated from my mum and my brothers and sisters. I wandered around in the woodland here in Poland and lived the best way I could. It wasn’t easy but I survived, obviously ha!

I was staggering along, cold and hungry, in search of food. I felt as though I was fading away. I had no energy and was missing my mummy just as much as on the first day we became separated when some humans found me and took me to a shelter. I was so happy to see all of the people there and I jumped all over them hoping for some love, or perhaps a game. Unfortunately, I was unaware that I am such a big boy and they were all scared of me, and so they kept me locked up for all of the time. I was grateful that they at least gave me dinner, but I was so bored and frustrated. I kept on barking and barking, I was trying to ask them to let me out. I wanted to go back to the woods so that I could be free to explore and enjoy all the wonderful aromas out there. I noticed that they took the other dogs for a walk, but they never took me, not even once. I could not understand the reason. I did not know then that I frightened people.

I was in this shelter for what seemed like a lifetime. I remember the night that the year 2017 turned to 2018 and I was so scared of all the fireworks. I did not know that it signified a turning point for me. On 2nd January 2018, some lovely people from the UK stepped in to help me. I left the shelter and went into rehab. This place specialises in St Bernard dogs but they took me, even though I am a mix breed because apparently, I was a special emergency case. So I started my training in how to be a good dog and it has been so much fun learning how to be suitable for humans. I love the people here and all the things that I do. I now realise that I had no idea of how to behave. Without my mum, there was nobody to teach me, but I do know this: I never once thought about harming anybody, it would never even cross my mind.

So now, my special human, I am perfect for you. I know you are out there waiting for me and this is why I am calling you now. I will soon have to leave here because another doggie in need of help will take my place. I now must go to another shelter, it is the only place that will take me and it really is not good. They already have 116 dogs and only 17 beds. The sewage system has no drainage so there is excrement everywhere. The poor dogs then get sick but receive no medical treatment. There isn’t much food to go around either, everyone there is really hungry. I weigh around 60kgs so I need a lot to eat. I wonder whether I will starve to death there, but probably not because if I don’t find you in a short space of time then I will be killed just for taking up space. You see, everyone thinks that nobody wants me. I can’t explain to them that you are there and that you are looking for me, because should I start barking then I will be back to square one and may even be killed much earlier than planned.

I am so happy that you are looking for me, I know you can’t find me and this is why I am reaching out to you. I know who you are, you are active and enjoy all sorts of outdoor activities, this is great because so do I. You are kind and loving, you love cuddles, just the same as me.  Let me tell you some other things that I like: I enjoy playing with older children, I like cats, and my best friends have always been large breed female dogs. It’s better I don’t live with small dogs, somehow it seems to cause problems, although I don’t know why.

I am two years old now and have been neutered and fully vaccinated so you don’t have to worry about that. You know that I would wait for you for however long it takes, but I am almost out of time. So can you please call for me now? You can call telephone number 07759516241 or send an email to Savingsaintsrescueuk@outlook.com

Oh gosh, I can’t wait to meet you at last. I am so happy that I have learned how to be a good dog, how to respect your house and your belongings. We are going to have so much fun.

See you soon

Your faithful and loving good boy

Galgan. xxx (sloppy kisses)


  1. Hello , I’m glad to say In january 2019 we adopted galgan and he now lives by the seaside in Blackpool. He is still enjoying walking in the wild and in the countryside sniffing everything in sight and has learnt so much in the short time we have had him. He curls up every night on our bed for an hour for cuddles and still wants all the attention he can get!! He has made lots of friends but still gets confused by smaller dogs but he is working on it ! Everyone who meets him wants to know what breed he is and we always say he is just a bear cub because he prowls around . From the first day we met him we knew we had to give him the home he needed even though he is so big and still things he is a lap dog (not much has changed there)!!

    Lots of love and wet sniffs

    Galgan Baxter


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