Wetnose Day will be returning across the UK on 21st September 2018 to help raise awareness of animal welfare issues and raise funds for animals in need.

Celebrities including musician and environmental campaigner, Sir Paul McCartney, are getting in on the fun by sharing pictures online of themselves posing with a Wetnose Day nose.

Wetnose Day aims to encourage schools, workplaces, vets, groomers, dog clubs, riding schools and more to pose with their nose and raise money.

The Day was established in 2000 by founders Andrea and Gavin Gamby-Boulger. Andrea says, “I was delighted to hear Sir Paul McCartney wanted to support Wetnose Day and pose with one of our legendary noses!

“Over the last few years, Wetnose had been thrilled to have fabulous endorsements and support from leading celebrity and animal campaigners including Paul O’Grady, Amanda Holden, Ricky Gervais, David Essex and many more. This has enabled us to raise thousands of pounds for small and medium-sized animal sanctuaries, ensuring food costs were covered and veterinary treatment went ahead for animals in desperate need.

“Society, in general, has, for a number of years, been under severe financial stress, which in turn has seen animal welfare suffer as some people may no longer be able to afford to look after their pets. Wetnose is playing its part in highlighting animal welfare in the UK and providing vital help and financial support for small animal welfare groups who are at the forefront of animal rescue and care in the UK.

“Just think what a difference Wetnose Day could make to rescue centres across the UK, paying vets bills, buying several months of animal feed or helping with repairs to rescue centres across the UK. The knowledge and skills these animal rescue teams have is phenomenal. NOW, more than ever is the time to help all animals in need.”

Amanda Holden commented, “I love the idea of a Wetnose Day for animals and do hope we can make it as big as red nose day for humans. Many of the smaller animal sanctuaries are full to busting and need our help with the wonderful work they do against all the odds. Please join me and support those without a voice, join Wetnose and let’s all make a real difference.”

Fundraisers around the country are already lining up to take part in bungee jumps, sponsored walks and cake sales. If you would like to get involved, go to their website www.wetnoseanimalaid.com and use the hashtag #wetnose to share your photos.


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