Us humans know that having fun and enjoying ourselves helps to relieve any stress from our lives and the same is true for our furry canine friends. By regularly playing with your dog it encourages him to be happy, healthy and loving!

Make your dog’s playtime even more exciting with Nerf Dog

Nerf Dog, leading dog toy brand with a range of Nerf inspired and licensed toys have put together a few top tips on increasing and making playtime even more exciting!

The Nerf Dog range includes innovative dog toys made of special durable materials in a variety of sizes to suit every dog’s playtime needs.

  1. Tire your dog with a game of fetch

A game of fetch is not only fun for your dog but it gives them a chance to run around and burn off energy. Take aim with the Nerf Dog Tennis Ball Blaster and launch your dog’s tennis ball up to 50ft in the air. Avoid touching the wet ball with the hands-free pick-up!

  1. Play some tug of war with your dog

Tug of war is a great way to both physically and mentally challenge your dog! Use a tug toy such as Nerf Dog’s Trackshot Tuff Infinity Tug – the toy’s durable tough material ensures long-lasting fun for both dog and owner.

  1. Have fun with water on a summers day

A lot of dogs naturally love water, it’s fun and cools them down. Nerf Dog has a range of Super Soaker toys made of super absorbent sponge interior, providing great water soaked summer fun!

  1. Entice playtime by filling your dog’s toy with their favourite treat

Incorporate treats into playtime to make it even more exciting! Stuff treats or kibble into a feeder toy such as the Nerf Dog Exo Bone. It keeps them interested, slows down feeding and can even be frozen to make it more challenging.

These playtime ideas provide a great workout, relieve stress, help to express some of your dog’s natural behaviour and best of all add to the amazing bond you have with your furry friend!

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