An online calculator can tell you whether your favourite internet famous pets are earning more than you.

Pets of the Net, created by Webbox, is a fun tool which helps you tally how many bags of cat nip, bouncy tennis balls or luxurious chicken coops you could buy on your annual salary compared to petfluencers, including Doug the Pug and Keyboard Cat.

Using the average UK salary of £27,600 per year, it takes Grumpy Cat just 25 hours, 54 minutes and 16 seconds to earn the average salary! Known for her permanently peeved facial expression, Grumpy Cat earns an estimated £25,570.78 a day!

Then there’s Gigoo, the world’s richest chicken who could earn your yearly salary in just one month.

Canine star, Doug the Pug, earns a tail-wagging £350,000 a year, which is 13 times more than the UK average salary, with daily earnings totalling just under £1,000.



Annual Income (GBP)*

Time to earn UK Average Wage

UK Average


1 year

Grumpy Cat



25 hours, 54 minutes and 16 seconds

Gigoo the Chicken



368 hours, 25 minutes and 14 seconds




86 hours, 20 minutes and 55 seconds

Doug the Pug



690 hours, 47 minutes and 19 seconds

Keyboard Cat



3 hours, 27 minutes and 14 seconds




55 hours, 15 minutes and 47 seconds

*Estimated on publicly available information

Experts have even estimated how much legendary keyboard player Keyboard Cat (real name Fatso) would be earning in the modern age of social media if she was still alive – an eye-watering £70,000,000 in her lifetime.

Jennifer Dean, NPD Technologist, from Webbox said, “With the rise of influencers online with the likes of Zoella and the SacconeJolys, it’s no surprise that our furry friends are barking at the chance of getting involved with the online world.

“We created Pets of the Net to see how our salaries compare to other famous pets, and to see how many bouncy tennis balls we could buy compared to how many our favourite pets could buy!”

To see how your salary compares against these furry stars, please visit:  


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