I’ve run out of my normal doggie shampoo. Is it OK to use a sensitive baby shampoo on my dog instead?

Stuart Simons advises…

In my professional opinion, it is not OK to put any ‘made for human’ product on your dog unless it has been classified as safe for pet use by a professional organisation.

Many people talk about a dog’s skin PH being different to that of a human, which is true – there is a difference. Could these products have a detrimental effect on a dog’s well-being if bathed with a humangrade shampoo? Possibly. I have looked into products that are human-grade and many could very well have damaging effects on a dog because of the difference in our genetics. Some are carcinogenic because of the surfactants used and some have essential oils in that could have a respiratory effect on a dog or cat. To make a decision like this as a layperson is quite a risk.

Personally, as a pet owner, I would stick to the products labelled for pets that have been designed especially with our four-legged friends’ health and well-being in mind. As you’ve run out, I would live with a dirty dog until you can get your hands on some quality products. I would recommend Paw Naturel or Wildwash for a natural product with excellent and safe ingredients.


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