My dog gives me a withering look when I take his ball away after I decide the game is over and if I tell him to move out of the doorway, although he moves, the look he gives me is one that I can only call resentment.

Sue Gilmore advises…

As humans, we are emotional and often read things into gestures, facial expressions or body language that are seen from our perspective rather than through the eyes of a dog. Dogs live in the moment, whereas we often dwell on things past or use our imagination to worry about the ‘what ifs’.

Dogs have emotions, but they only last as long as the dog is actually thinking about an action. Generally, they go off and do something else and their focus is then fixed on maybe a strong scent in the grass. We often read far more into their facial expressions than the dog intends, especially if we feel guilty that our action has caused him hurt or offence, which is generally quite unlikely.


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