We’re NOT going on a summer holiday it would appear as recent research shows a third (33%) of Brits have missed out on going on holiday because of their pet, and the reason is mainly down to guilt.

The results come as author Jilly Cooper revealed that she has not taken a holiday for 22 years because she can’t bear to leave her beloved Greyhound, Bluebell, behind.

And she’s not alone. Forty-one per cent of owners said they felt guilty when they do travel away from their pets and as a result, the British travel industry is estimated to be losing £324 million a year by not catering to the needs of pet owners.

But pet-friendly hotels and accommodation are on the rise across Europe so more and more owners are able to take their pets away with them. If you’re planning a pet-friendly getaway this year, Eukanuba’s Veterinary Training Manager Kellie Ceccarelli has some useful advice for keeping your dog happy and healthy on holiday.

Stick to a routine

First and foremost, it’s important to keep your dog as settled as possible by ensuring minimum disruption to their usual routine. Remember to keep to your dog’s regular feeding times and try to walk them at the same time you would each day. To make sure they settle as quickly as possible in a new environment don’t forget to bring along their favourite blanket or toy to help them relax once you arrive at your destination.

Don’t give into puppy dog eyes

Remember that simply because you’re on holiday and enjoying plenty of meals out and naughty treats it doesn’t mean your pet’s diet should change too. Although puppy dog eyes might be hard to resist during a family meal, feeding your dog tit bits of human food can result in an upset stomach. Instead, ensure your dog receives a 100% complete and balanced diet which will keep their digestion healthy. Look for an advanced nutrition such as EUKANUBA, which combines high quality animal protein including fresh chicken for great taste and digestibility. It’s also carefully tailored to support optimal body condition for each life stage so you and your dog can enjoy a happy and healthy life together.

Keep them hydrated

Just like us, dogs get thirsty when they’re travelling – especially in hot weather. Take a water bottle and fold up bowl with you if you’re going out for the day as although many pubs and cafes will usually have a dog bowl available this will ensure your pet remains hydrated throughout the day.

Be prepared

If your dog takes any medication make sure you have everything you need when you leave home and take note of the nearest vet’s contact details before you head off. Check your dog’s identification tag is also up to date as although by law they should be chipped this will quickly help in reuniting you should your dog get a little overexcited in its new surroundings and run off during a walk.  

Enjoy your time together

Finally, make sure to unwind and enjoy some quality time together. Explore new areas, go for long walks on the beach and get the family involved in ball games. Lots of dogs will love being in the sea and it is great exercise for them. Just remember to check dogs are allowed in the water where you are as many beaches have restrictions during the summer months and take some quick safety precautions before you jump in. For example, are you comfortable with the tide and do you know your dog’s limitations? Once you’ve enjoyed a dip remember to give your dog a good rinse off as salt and minerals in sea water can cause damage to their coat.


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