By Alex Merashi, content manager at Hair Clippers Club 

As a pet owner you probably love to treat your dog to the best food, clothes and other accessories. Aside from all these luxuries that money can buy, another important necessity for your dog is their hygiene which is why grooming your dog is crucial. Having your pet’s coat, combed, washed and clipped is all part of its grooming. As you can imagine this whole process can be quite the hassle, further complicated if you have to seek the services of a professional on a regular basis to groom your dog. Much of this hassle can be avoided if you could groom your dog at home. Clipping can be particularly tricky for first timers as it’s a procedure with consequences if done wrong. If you are a beginner, don’t worry, below is a guide to help you on all things dog clippers from buying the right one to using it the right way.

Seek help from a pro

Before you dive in right away, it’s important to do some research and know what you are getting into. If you are new to home grooming, it might be helpful to get your groomers and ask them for tips that could help you take on the task alone at home. Alternatively, you can watch a DIY grooming video on YouTube as a helpful guide. If you are lucky you might get an instructional video that is specific for the kind of breed that you have.

Buy the best clippers

Having the right clippers makes your work much easier while giving your furry friend a nice looking coat. There are different types of dog clippers in the market and have different features including speed settings, vibration, blade size, weight, cord or cordless and general maintenance. Dog clippers are different from beard trimmers in that they can stay cooler for longer, emit less noise, and vibrate less so as not to scare the dog. Brand wise you are spoilt for choice when it comes to dog clippers. Top include the Vacuum Clipper System which takes put fur along with dandruff, or ConAirPro Flexi-groom which has a unique quick change feature and is particularly useful for clipping fur off sensitive areas such the feet, tail and others. You can look up the different types and pick one best suited for your pup.

Step by step approach

Don’t grab the clippers just yet; grooming your dog is a step by step procedure. The first step is cleaning your dog with shampoo and clean water, then drying them with a clean towel before you start clipping. Trying to trim a wet or a dirty dog can result in some hair pulling which is extremely uncomfortable for your pet. You don’t want to make this home grooming experience stressful, your dog may get anxious as soon as they see you holding the clippers and might frustrate your home grooming efforts.

Clip in the right direction

This is a must know for new at home groomers. As a general rule, it is important to clip your dog’s fur in the same direction that it is growing. Cutting against the hair gradient results in pulling off the hair or irritates your dog’s skin. It is easier to start clipping the larger areas first such as around your pet’s back and then proceeding to smaller areas. You can use grooming scissors for small sensitive areas.

Stay on top of the coat

As with anything, it is much easier to deal with an ant hill rather than a mountain. That being said, it’s important to trim your dog on a regular rather than letting the hair grow for a long time. This can be difficult to clip, take a long time and even take its toll on your clippers. How often you clip your dog varies and depends on the breed, but as a general rule trimming after every 6-12 weeks is recommended.


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