To mark national Bring Your Dog To Work Day, Eukanuba’s veterinary experts have revealed a ‘paw-fect’ playlist to keep our canine co-workers calm in the workplace.

It’s estimated 2.5 million (8%) UK employees bring their canine companions to the office and it’s believed their presence helps to reduce stress in the workplace.

But what about the dog’s stress levels? It’s important to ensure their environment is equally as calming and eclectic canine playlist on Spotify which includes hits like Chopin, Elvis Presley, David Bowie and Led Zeppelin.

The playlist was inspired by evidence which suggests classical music reduces stress in dogs, just like it does in humans. Research by the pet food brand revealed almost three quarters (70%) of UK dog owners claim listening to music makes their dog relaxed and calm while over a third (40%) regularly play music to help their dog feel at ease.

The research suggests that dogs enjoy both pop (35%) and classical (20%) music, but they’re not too keen on rock (9%), country (6%), jazz (5%) or hip hop (5%).

Kellie Ceccarelli, Eukanuba Veterinary Expert comments, “Loud sounds, changes to their usual routine and the introduction of new and unfamiliar objects or people can contribute to feelings of anxiety in dogs. With the rise in pet owners bringing their dogs to the office, it’s important that we take the necessary steps to ensure our canine companions enjoy a calm and relaxing workplace environment.


“The good news is stress levels in dogs have been shown to decrease significantly after listening to music, which helps to reduce heart rates and create an increased feeling of calm. That’s why, ahead of Bring Your Dog to Work Day, EUKANUBA has created the Top of the Pups Playlist, inspired by the musical preferences of our canine companions. We hope that this unique playlist will transform the office into a calm and welcoming environment for our four-legged friends.”

If you’re bringing your dog to work, Kellie shares the following advice:

  • Create a safe haven – If your dog doesn’t usually come into the office with you, it may be a daunting experience. Take familiar items with you, such as toys and bedding, so that they settle in as quickly as possible.
  • Keep energy levels in check with a healthy diet – A healthy diet is essential to keep your pet’s energy levels in check during the busy working day. Consider an advanced nutrition, such as Eukanuba, which contains high levels of animal protein, including fresh chicken, to support lean muscles, as well as special fibres and yucca extract to help promote healthy digestion and less offensive stool odour, something your work colleagues might thank you for! It’s also tailored across each life stage and breed size to support optimal body condition at every age, enabling you and your dog to live life well together.
  • Ensure your canine companion is well hydrated –  For humans, it’s important to stay hydrated in the workplace as dehydration can affect productivity, making you feel drained more quickly. The same rings true for our canine companions. As offices are often warm and stuffy, especially during the summer, make sure you bring a bowl and keep it topped up with a fresh supply of water, so your dog stays hydrated throughout the day.
  • Stick to a routine – To keep your dog relaxed, try to mirror their normal day as much as possible. Keep their meal times the same and walk them at their usual times. Even better, taking them for a walk during your lunch break gives you a great reason to get away from your desk, clear your mind and get some extra exercise!


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