Our dog, Paddy, was stung by a bee last year and seemed to have a reaction to the sting. At the time, the vet was unsure what the underlying issue was and put the condition down as a possible allergy on his medical history, which we were unaware of at the time and we claimed for this on our insurance.

When our insurance renewal came, we decided to change companies because there was a large increase in the premium. As we were unaware of any ongoing conditions, we thought this was the best thing to do in order to save money.

Recently, Paddy has been diagnosed with eczema, which the vet has linked to an allergy. We submitted a claim to the new insurer, which has refused the claim due to a pre-existing problem. Is it common for the condition to be linked?

Neil Flint advises…

It sounds as though, due to the notes that were made on Paddy’s vet history last year, the insurance company may have linked the condition to the original bee sting. If the vet feels the condition is not related to the sting, ask them to contact the insurance company directly. Some insurers are happy to re-assess claims based on additional information provided by a vet.

Before changing providers, it is always best to check your pet’s vet history – sometimes if a condition is unclear, there can be possible conditions noted on the history. This can have an effect in the future if you move to another provider and the pet suffers from this or a similar condition.


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