This exciting charity event is free to attend, free to park, free to participate and even free to exhibit; Pointerfest is open for all!

The fourth Pointerfest is being held in Shrewley, Warwickshire on July 28. Organisers hope to raise thousands of pounds for charity and this exciting event is eagerly anticipated by Pointers, honorary Pointers and their owners from the whole of the UK.

Pointerfest is really a story about community and how a conversation in a pub ignited a common passion to bring people together with a shared goal of raising money for Pointer charities.

From humble beginnings in 2015 when 20 dog-owners drank beer and cooked up a barbecue the event has grown significantly. In 2017 we hosted over 360 attendees (and about 300 dogs), 15 stalls, agility trials, a fancy-dress parade and the main event: the sausage snaffling knock-out competition. Our 2018 event looks to be even bigger with guests returning from as far away as the Highlands, Isle of Man and even Spain!

Parents can bring their families without the burden of restrictive entry fees and every child entering a crazy show class wins a prize. Everyone has an equal chance of the coveted 1st prize.

Last year visitors took it on themselves to sell Pointerfest bandanas and devised other ways of raising money for the Pointerfest charities; Pointers in Need and the Pointer Rescue Service. Other charities involved include GSP Rescue UK, Positively Pawsome Pals and the Fairy Dog Fosterers.

Andrew Everett, Secretary of Pointers in Need said, “Pointerfest help enormously to fund the rehoming of dogs; on average it costs around £650 to rehome a Pointer from Europe, so Pointerfest is so important, allowing us to bolster funds and continue the good work.”

Kerry Fitzgerald, Fundraising Officer of the Pointer Rescue Service supports this view “Pointer Rescue Service has been a Pointerfest partner since its launch. Pointerfest will help Pointer Rescue Service do even better work in our 45th year.”

The Pointerfest organisers have high hopes for the 28th July this year. By continuing to host an inclusive, free and fun canine event Pointerfest hopes to smash its attendance and fundraising records!


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