By Rebecca Jackson, Marketing Manager, The Beach House Company

Us Brits now spend nearly 4.62 billion pounds on our dogs and with the summer nearly upon us, many want to be able to take our four-legged friends on holiday with us. For all the information you need before you head off, The Beach House Company has you covered. We’ve round up the best dog-friendly holiday attractions in Cornwall, so you know about the experiences you and your furry friend can both enjoy!

Before you go

Cornwall is bursting with dog-friendly properties, but be sure to check pets are allowed when booking your own accommodation to avoid any unpleasant surprises. If travelling by car, check your pet is properly secured, as a loose animal can be distracting to a driver. If you have room in the boot, install either a cage or a rigid dog guard. If your dog can’t go in the boot, they will need to travel on the back seat, restrained by a harness that clips onto one of the rear seat belts.

Start your journey early morning or evening, so you’re travelling during the cooler times of the day. Stop for regular breaks to allow your dog to stretch his legs and go to the toilet and keep your furry friend hydrated with lots of water breaks during the journey.

Packing for the pooch

You’ll need to remember your dog’s holiday essentials as well as your own!

Don’t forget the basics like leads, toys, plenty of biodegradable waste bags for when they do their business and a water and food bowl.

If the weather is going to be nice, pack canine sun-cream – yes dogs also need to be sun safe too – and research the local emergency vet’s number, should the worst happen.

Life’s a beach

Luckily for us dog lovers, most of Cornwall’s beaches are dog-friendly. However, you will need to check if there are any seasonal restrictions, especially during peak holiday times.

Remember to take plenty of biodegradable waste bags, as a combination of heat and drinking seawater may result in your dog going to the toilet more frequently than normal. Have fresh water with you and try to restrict your dog drinking sea water. Watch out for hidden dangers such as sharp shells, fishing hooks and jellyfish your dog could eat or injure himself on.

Keep hunger at bay

You’ll be spoiled for choice when looking for places to eat and drink in Cornwall. Whether you fancy fresh-from-the harbour seafood, indulgent Cornish Cream Teas or one of the infamous Cornish pasties, there’s something for everyone, including your canine companion. The locations of some restaurants are just as special as the food.

St Ives, which is known as the jewel of Cornwall’s crown, is bursting with cafés and restaurants that welcome dogs. Further north, you can even find delicious dog-friendly ice cream in Perranporth and Padstow.

For the perfect spot to unwind after an afternoon walk along the Cornish coast, visit Wet Dog Pizza in Newquay for pizza, beer and wine for you and your canine companion.

Cornish charms

When beaches become too hot and crowded, why not walk the ‘A twirl of the Cape’, which passes through parts of the Corning Mining World Heritage Site and offers great views outward towards The Brisons and the Longships Lighthouse.

Past the Cape, you reach Priests Cove where a natural swimming pool at low tide provides a safe area for wave-shy doggy paddles. Or take a trip to out to the Isles of Scilly to see the Tresco Abbey Gardens, home to 20,000 exotic plants from 80 countries and the Golita Falls, a series of spectacular cascades and waterfalls along a section of the River Fowey.


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