A rehoming centre in Cornwall has launched an appeal to find loving homes for Beth, Freya, Shep and Wizz.

All four dogs are currently at the National Animal Welfare Trust (NAWT) based in Hayle and range from four to 13 years old. The Border Collie is traditionally a working dog, but they could bring a new element of love and play to a person’s life. 

NAWT has provided more information on each dog below and if you think you could offer a suitable home for any of these dogs, please contact NAWT on 01736 756005

Freya, four, Border Collie cross German Shepherd


Freya gains trust and confidence at her own pace. Which is understandable after her tragic start to life – found as a stray, Freya was confused and scared when she was first taken to the centre.

She was re-homed, but her previous owner sadly passed away not too long after, leaving Freya to re-enter the NAWT’s care.  

Louise Clarke, centre manager at Wheal Alfred says, “Once Freya has begun to trust and bond with someone, she’s very affectionate and likes to think she’s a lap dog!

We’re looking for an owner who has had experience of Collie’s and their kooky traits already. 

Her new home will also have to be a quite quiet, with no visiting children or grandchildren but with plenty of space, toys and of course love.”

Beth, 12, Border Collie


Beth is an older girl, and some people can be put off by this – but don’t let the number fool you! She’s an active girl and a true working Collie.

Prior to being at the Hayle centre, Beth lived on a small holding and she has a farm collie’s mentality. Due to this, she’s looking for a similar set up.

Louise explains, “Beth needs a secure, quiet home with no children, where she can left to her own devices without being fussed over – a bit like a cat!

“She much prefers being outdoors and prefers an indoor area which isn’t overly furnished as Beth likes to play with and likely destroy things like curtains and cushions.

She is however, a big fan of any toy and her favourite challenge is to cram as many as possible into her mouth.

This gorgeous oldie can be reluctant to let anyone have them back though, including other dogs, so a resident dog would have to understand this.”

She the perfect ‘quirky collie’ who needs a special set up, but she will definitely make you smile with her antics and quirks.

Shep, four, Border Collie


Shep, a four-year-old Collie, had two operations when he first came into the care of the NAWT.

Thankfully, the operations on his hips were a success and although he’s in a lot less pain, this gorgeous youngster still needs to build up the muscles in his legs.

Shep is looking for a home which understands rescues and Collie’s specifically. He’s a very clever dog who will need lots of mental stimulation especially until he is 100 per cent physically fit.

Louise says, “He would like a home in a quiet area as he can get worried easily by noises and Shep isn’t a fan of being on his own – but he is very loving once bonded.”

Wizz, 13, Border Collie


Wizz is a boisterous boy who certainly lives up to his name!

A true sweetheart who is partial to a cosy blanket, Wizz is young at heart and still bounds around when it’s play time.

Louise says of Wizz, “Sometimes he needs to be reminded to calm down a little as he does suffer from arthritis in his hips.

When Wizz came into our care last Christmas, he was in quite a sorry state. He was matted and smelly to say the least.

He’s since been spruced up, loved and cared for by our dedicated staff who are very proud to see him looking so handsome.

Wizz isn’t a big fan of vet visits (or grooming) but he has been muzzled trained for these occasions, so at least his protests are done safely.”


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