A Husky was rushed to the vet’s after a joint bone she had been given as a treat became wedged in her mouth.

Fourteen-month-old Rainy was taken to Beech House Veterinary Centre in Warrington, part of Willows Veterinary Group, after a bone got stuck over her lower jaw. Vet, Tom Montgomery, who was on duty at the emergency out of hours practice, had to sedate her while he removed it.

Rainy is pictured with the wedged bone over her jaw

Says Tom, “Rainy was brought in out of hours with a bone stuck around her jaw. It wasn’t a life-threatening situation and she wasn’t in distress, but I had to sedate her because her owners couldn’t get it off.

It’s not the first time I have had to remove a bone that became stuck in a dog’s jaw, but last time was much worse and I had to use a hacksaw to remove it.

Luckily, in Rainy’s case, I was able to jiggle it around and pull it off myself. She was fine when she came round, she had some minor abrasions to her gum but there was no lasting damage.”

Rainy is pictured with owner Joanne Leacy and vet Tom Montgomery

The incident prompted Tom and Rainy’s owner Joanne Leacy to urge other pet owners to take care and make sure they supervise their dogs if the give them bones.  

Adds Tom, “It could have been worse if it had been left there for a long time and if she’d been messing with it, as it could’ve causes grazes and ulcers in the mouth.

It was good that her caring owners noticed straight away and brought her in to have it removed because it could’ve become very painful and sore.

Rainy is a young, happy and lively dog and thankfully it all ended well.”

Rainy is pictured having a check up with vet Tom Montgomery

Rainy’s owner, Joanne Leacy from Birchwood, says she will take more care when giving bones in future. Recalling the incident, she explains, “I have two Huskies and when they are good, they get a treat each.

I buy boxes of bones off the internet and they were happily munching them one night while I was sitting watching telly. I happened to look down at Rainy who was looking back at me with her two bottom teeth stuck through a hole in the bone.

I couldn’t get it off and neither could my partner so we had to take her to the out of hours vets.

“We weren’t there long before Tom sedated her and managed to prise it off. The team there dealt with it straight away which was a relief for us. Apart from being a little bit woozy afterwards, she was perfectly fine and I was relieved to be able to bring her home that night.

Adds Joanne, “I couldn’t understand how it got stuck on her face like it did. I’ve had dogs for years and never had anything like that happen before. 

But I will definitely be more vigilant in future and make sure none of the bones I give them have holes in.”

In his 21 year career, Tom has “seen all sorts” including dogs with broken sticks wedged between their teeth and a Lurcher with fish hooks wrapped around its tongue.

Tom says, “If you do give your dog a bone, we would always advise owners to make sure they take care and supervise their dogs.”


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