A four-year-old crossbreed is seeking her forever home after spending the last two years at National Animal Welfare Trust Hertfordshire.

Pippa is a large dog with heaps of personality, according to her carers. Unfortunately, since coming to the centre as a stray, she damaged the cruciate ligament in both of her back legs which required operations to correct them. Pippa has now completed 12 weeks of physio and hydro therapy, which were paid for with funds raised by dedicated volunteers.

Pippa has now completed 12 weeks of hydro therapy and physio

According to staff, Pippa has a real love for life and is extremely clever. She loves her cuddly toys and likes to pick a new one every day. She can be reactive towards other dogs but has made friends with Zen, a bull breed and another longterm resident. One member of staff said, “When she first came to us Pippa could be wary of new people but now she loves to make friends with everyone she lays eyes on making sure they give her a fuss before they’re allowed to go. If you stop stroking her before she’s ready she will paw you to remind you what’s most important; Pippa!”

Pippa likes treats and will happily offer her paw in return for a reward. She also loves water and enjoys a splash in the paddling pool to cool down.

Pippa is looking for a home after two years in rescue

Her ideal home will be with someone who is around for most of the day and will continue her post-op physio exercises.

A staff member added, “After being in kennels for so long, what Pippa really needs is somebody with patience who will let her settle in her own time. She will not be perfect straight away, it will take understanding, but the reward will be worth it.”

For more information on Pippa, please visit the website.


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