An English Springer Spaniel who found herself without a home has been adopted by the police and will be trained as a sniffer dog.

The nine-month-old was being looked after by the team at Dogs Trust Manchester after a change in family circumstances meant she could no longer stay with her owner. Within days of arriving, staff recognised that she may have the potential to be a working dog – as did police dog handler PC Mark West from Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire and Hertfordshire Dog Unit. 

Says Mark, “I saw her on the website and there was just something about her! Even in the photograph she looked incredibly alert so I immediately called the team and when they spoke to me about her I was pretty confident that she was just what I, and the department, was looking for.”

Detection dogs need to be toy-focused, love to play hide and seek games and must be confident around people. After travelling almost 200 miles, Mark got to see Ruby’s potential immediately when she chased her beloved tennis ball and patiently searched for it wherever Mark hid it.

He continues, “She was fantastic. Once that ball came out, that was it! That focus is exactly what we are looking for and she has continued to impress us now she has started her training. She is doing really well and it is looking like she will be fully qualified in September. She lives at home with me and when she has completed her training she will be my partner in fighting crime, searching for drugs, cash and firearms.”

Dawn Bishop, Dogs Trust Manchester Manager, says, “Ruby is an absolutely gorgeous girl, incredibly friendly and never happier than when she’s on the go so we are confident she will make a great police dog.

“We were very proud of her when she impressed Mark so much and we’ll be even prouder when she has graduated.”


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