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A Greyt Pirate Tail

Miriam Payne

Who would win – two clever hounds, or a ship full of sea dogs? (And not the four-legged kind.)

After the success of A Greyt Christmas Tail, which raised funds to support the work of Foal Farm Animal Rescue and Birmingham Greyhound Protection, Miriam Payne is back with another riveting children’s tale based on the adventures of her own rescue hounds – Ramsey the Lurcher, who was abandoned as a puppy, and retired racing Greyhound Blue. Blue is quite shy but can always count on Ramsey to give her confidence – both in real life and in this story, which was inspired by her fear of fireworks.

But the bangs in the story are not fireworks: they’re the cannons of a pirate ship, loaded with treasure. And Ramsey immediately thinks up a plan to take it from the pirates, relying on Blue’s speed and his own talent for disguise.

Delightfully illustrated by Anne-Marie Sonneveld, who has a knack for perfectly capturing the personality of each dog, this short story is great for children and some of its young readers were eager to say how much they enjoyed it. Six-year-old Harrison said it best: “This story is great because it rhymes and I like pirates!”

Heart-felt Dogs: The Canines Behind the Art

Stephanie Cowburn

You may remember Stephanie’s adorable work from when it featured in our Dogs in Art section last year. Now her brilliant bespoke felt models are being celebrated in a book published by Hubble and Hattie.

Stephanie’s lifelike representations of animals, particularly dogs, have become treasured mementos to her customers. In this book, Stephanie takes a look at some of the pets that she has recreated and showcases the special bond between them and their humans – a bond that she strongly understands thanks to her own adoring Border Terrier, Heidi.

Each dog and felt replica appear alongside their backstory, retold by Stephanie in the dog’s voice. Some stories will make you laugh; others are inspiring, such as ‘Racy Macy’ on page 82. Some of the dogs featured were adopted from rescue centres around the world, highlighting the important work these organisations do.

It’s a delightful, easy read that you can dip in and out of, and you may even decide to commission a miniature felt model of your four-legged friend.

Dogs’ Dinners

Debora Robertson

Reviewed by Martha Cornish

I really enjoy cooking and eating, and my Lurcher, Popsie, is one hungry dog! So, I was very excited to be asked to review a recipe book for dogs and humans.

Dogs’ Dinners is an exquisite selection of recipes that helps your canine friend find food they love. It includes hints and tips about what is poisonous to your furry companion, such as grapes, chocolate etc.

Popsie particularly enjoyed the banana smoothie. We froze it, as suggested, because it was about 25 degrees outside. It was made from mashed banana, natural yoghurt and honey. Once it was mixed, I separated the batch into an ice-cube tray and left it in the freezer for a couple of hours. I tried one too and was not disappointed! Popsie licked the bowl.

We also made peanut butter and banana bites, which Popsie was not so keen on – and neither was I! I think there was too much flaxseed in them. We plan to share the leftovers with dogs we know in the village.

The recipes were simple but included ingredients we wouldn’t normally use, like buckwheat flour, coconut oil and flaxseed, so we had to order them specially.

The illustrations are quite something and add excitement to the book.

Inside a Dog’s Mind: Jacob’s Journal

Michelle Holland

This book is a beautiful, heart-touching story of a young dog who is bought by the wrong people. It vividly describes how the dog feels during his journey from being torn from his mum, in his awful first home, rescue and rehabilitation, and finally, his happy forever home. This book is written from the dog’s perspective entirely and is a gripper.

Quite a short story and well written, I actually read it in one sitting!

As a canine behaviourist, Michelle’s own experiences with dogs inspired her to write this book and she will be donating 50 per cent of all profits from Kindle sales and paperback sales to dog rescues.


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