When I leave my dog home alone, I always give him a Kong so that he doesn’t notice me leave the house. I normally use some of his usual dry kibble with a dollop of cream cheese to hold it all together. Is it OK to use cream cheese so often – once or twice a day? Do you have any other ideas of healthy things I could put in his toy?

John Burns advises…

There are a few ideas you could try in place of using cream cheese with your dog’s Kong during the day, to stimulate him mentally while you are away from home. Dogs often don’t digest dairy very well, so trying these alternatives should be beneficial for him.

Soak some kibble in tepid water and leave until it resembles pâté, and then smear this inside the Kong. Ensure you adjust daily feeding amounts to accommodate this to avoid overfeeding issues. Also, try using a mixture of kibble (soaked or dry) along with cooked or raw vegetables, such as carrots, broccoli and cauliflower.


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