We have recently welcomed a puppy into our home and my first thought was to secure some insurance cover for her. When looking around, I noticed that the premiums were coming out dramatically different with each company. Why would this be? Is expensive cover more secure and overall a better policy than the more reasonably priced ones? 

Neil Flint advises…

Every pet insurance company is different and will base their quotations on different factors. Some companies may ‘postcode rate’ – with higher premiums in urban areas than in rural areas.

Also, different companies will ‘risk rate’ a breed differently; some may think a breed is higher risk or has a higher chance of developing a condition often seen in the particular breed, whereas some may not.

Age does make a difference. A lot of companies view an older dog as being more at risk of developing a condition than a younger healthier dog and this may also affect premium cost.

So, to answer your question, a policy that is more expensive is not always the best cover. Try to look into what the company base their quotations on and consider the different factors that may best suit you and your dog


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