I’m considering getting a Havanese puppy, but would like to know more about the grooming requirements. Can you tell me what is needed to keep their coats at their best?

Stuart Simons advises…

The Havanese is such a lovely breed of dog with a very loving temperament. Their coats are long and silky when shown and, if kept in the breed standard, require regular maintenance. Monthly trips to the groomer would be advisable to keep those long silky locks in check, along with daily brushing at home.

Because these dogs have hair like ours, it will grow and grow and not stop at a pre-determined length. This leaves them open to quite excessive matting if not tended to regularly. If you want to keep your new Havanese in a breed standard trim, it can be quite expensive and heavy going with home grooming in between professional appointments. Or you can opt to clip him short. The coat can be cut to a length that is manageable for your lifestyle.

For more advice, go to www.thegroomersspotlight.com to find your nearest qualified dog groomer.


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