Clumber Spaniel owners are invited to join a dog walk in Queen Elizabeth Park Horndean, Waterlooville at 10:30 on 9th September and Hastings Country Park East Sussex on 7th October.

Barbara Weston, one of the Walk Coordinators said, “The walks are part of a series we are organising across the country and is our first visit to Queen Elizabeth and Hastings Country Parks. These walks offers the opportunity for owners of these rare dogs to meet and celebrate the unique breed.

“Clumbers are classed as a vulnerable breed by the Kennel Club as fewer than 200 are born each year and, as a result, many owners and their pets did not have an opportunity to meet with other Clumbers until these walks were organised.”

Members of the public are also invited to come and meet these family friendly dogs, which although are a working breed make marvellous family pets, at the Visitor Centre before the start of the walk.

“It is hoped that by bringing Clumbers to the attention of a wider public they will become more popular to ensure the survival of the breed”.

Further information is available at the Walking with Clumbers UK on Facebook or from B or R Weston: Phone: 01530 456071, Email


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