The deadly rabies virus continues to circulate in the dog populations of developing countries across Africa and Asia, killing an estimated 59,000 people every year.  A smartphone-website tool, the Mission Rabies App, has been developed to support low-income countries in the hands of the vaccination teams and project managers.

NGO Mission Rabies and collaborators have vaccinated over one million dogs in rabies endemic settings across the world, with every dog recorded on a smartphone app that has transformed how teams move.

Mission Rabies CEO, Luke Gamble, explains, “It is essential that once funds have been allocated to tackle rabies on a massive scale, the campaigns are run efficiently, effectively and transparently. The App has been developed to deliver exactly this, helping project managers to direct and monitor their teams remotely whilst collating data on every dog vaccinated in real-time. The speed at which projects vaccinating thousands of dogs a day can be reviewed in detail and the maps generated from the GPS data provide assurance to government and other stakeholders that the work has been completed to the desired standard.”

“The App makes it possible to instruct vaccination teams exactly where we want them to go and then check how well the area was covered,” explains Mission Rabies Project Manager, Jordana Burdon Bailey.

Mission Rabies will be running activities for World Rabies Day and is asking supporters to raise £59, £100 or £250 in just 30 days to celebrate this year’s event. The fundraising goals are in relation to statistics associated with the deadly disease and the aim is to raise awareness as well as funds to support the charity’s work.

To take part in Mission Rabies’ World Rabies Day campaign visit For more information on the work of Mission Rabies and their projects, visit

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