Our 12-week-old Jack Russell pup, Paddy, is a
cute and confident chap. We have read a lot
about socialisation. Do we need to bother, as we live
in the country in quite a remote location?

Sue Williams advises…

Paddy sounds adorable, but in order to ensure he grows
up continuing to be confident, socialising him is essential.
In fact, as you live in a remote location, socialisation
is even more important, as he will not have the same
opportunities as a pup living in a town to acclimatise to
hustle and bustle.

In my opinion, socialisation is as much about teaching a
puppy how to deal with something he may find a bit scary
as it is exposing him to lots of things. If Paddy doesn’t
learn this essential life skill, he will not learn the ability to
cope with something he is unsure of.
To ensure Paddy grows into a confident adult, put the
effort in to taking him out and about to lots of different
locations and allow him to interact with many different
people. Keep these socialisation sessions short and positive.


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